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Pakistani Mango & Dates

An experience of five decades

Rawaayat has been working for the last five decades in growing, processing, packing, and supply of fresh fruits to the various parts of Pakistan. The fruits include mangos, Dates, Banana, Sugar Cane and Guava. These products are grown and processed with the utmost care and experience of the years which is being transferred from the generations in its original form.

Honesty, Hard working and sincerity are the landmark of Rawaayat.

However, Rawaayat has adopted the modern techniques and merged them with the primitive methods to develop the juicy and organic products meeting the international standards. It takes pride in presenting the best products of Pakistan to the world in their organic form with all nutritional requirements.

We at Rawayaat put immense stress on the originality and natural aspect of the product and believe that the product must reach as if the buyer is directly plucking the fruit from the tree. Our ancestors did the job with their utmost experience and care for humanity and we have transformed it into modern requirement by keeping the basics intact. We have our own Land where we grow the fruit for last many decades

We don’t use the name “Rawaayat” for export or any kind of supply. We use third-party export services to deal with our clients.