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We at We are Pakistani Mangoes, Bulk dried fruit and Pakistani Dates wholesale suppliers. We are one of the emerging fresh dates suppliers and exporters in Pakistan. Pakistani Dates produce has high demands in UK, AUSTRALIA, SINGAPORE, CANDA, FRANCE, BANGLADESH, INDONESIA, MALAYSIA, UAE and INDIA. We mainly deal in agricultural produce and export of dates from Pakistan. We ensure that we offer our customers the finest quality agricultural produce at their doorstep, grown on rich fertile land with its excellent aroma, delightful taste, eminent texture and an added health benefit due to pure nutrients.

Rawaayat being one of the top dates exporters in Pakistan, mainly deals in all quality dates, Aseel dates and other varieties for consumer and industrial use. Our range varies from fresh dates to semi-dried dates to dry dates. Fresh dates are exported to the UK, AUSTRALIA, SINGAPORE, CANDA, FRANCE, BANGLADESH, INDONESIA, MALAYSIA, and UAE while 90% of dried dates are exported to INDIA.

Pakistani Dates Varieties:

Dates are an iconic part of Muslim culture and have been a staple food of Indus Valley and the Middle East. Later, they spread through traders to South Asia and eventually to Pakistan. Now, Pakistan in the 4th largest producer of dates fruit with total annual product approximating to 650,000 tons ranging in almost 300 different varieties of dates. The varieties of Pakistani dates include Sukkur Aseel, Begum Jangi, Balochistan Rabbi, etc.

Dates suppliers in Pakistan are growing dates more than ever. Dates palms are cultivated in all the four provinces of Pakistan. The speciality of Sindh includes Aseel dates, Karblain and Kupro while Balochistan in known for Begum Jhangi and Mazafati and lastly, Dhakki is known variety from Dera Ismail Khan, KPK. Sindh contributes to a total production of more than 55% of Pakistani dates. Khairpur district consists of the highest concentration of date palm and produces over 90% dates from the province.

RAWAAYAT Exports Following Varieties:

We have experience of five decades in growing Aseel Dates in Khairpur, Sindh, Pakistan. Here are following varities of Dates we deal in:

  • Fresh Aseel Dates
  • Dry Aseel Dates
  • Pitted Dates
  • Stuffed Dates

The date palm tree provides communities in rural areas of Pakistan with many benefits. Pakistani dates are known as high-energy food. The Aseel date is the most important commercial variety of Pakistan. This is a predominant variety of Khairpur district. It is an excellent fresh date and semi-dry variety with suitable fruit size. Aseel dates are a very nutritious and delicious fruit containing mainly carbohydrates and several types of sugars but also proteins, vitamins, and minerals. A kilogram of dates contains 2500-3000 calories. Demand of fresh dates in UK, Australia and Singapore has risen lately.

Export Quality Standards in growing, Harvesting and Packaging

Pakistan occupies a primary position in terms of date fruit exports with 121,681 Metric Tons due to chohara exports to India and Afghanistan. Dates suppliers and exporters in Pakistan consider the hygiene of the produce as the first priority. The Government has also issued health standards to ensure only quality produce is consumed. The requirements for chohara include hygienic handling through sun curing, sorting, transportation, and washing of chohara fruit with certified FAO detergents. Date fruit bunches are unloaded by labourers, the fruit is manually detached from the fruit stalks. This is the conventional practice before the drying process in a solar dryer or curing on mats in the sun or making chohara. Many wholsesale dates suppliers have big cold storage to keep the fruit fresh. Fruit detachment process is usually carried out by pulling the fruit bunch over a wooden comb fixed in the ground.

Top consumed date variety in Pakistan is Aseel Dates. During Ramadan, Muslims break their fast each day by eating dates. Wood from the tree is used to make artifacts and is chopped and burned for fuel. Palm fronds are used to make handicrafts and leaflets to weave fruit baskets and mats.

The dates suppliers in Pakistan have certified dates processing facilities. The Dates Processing Plant is equipped with modern technology and fully automatic metal detection scanning machines. The processing plant is ISO certified by a reputable and renowned inspection firm. The products are also Kosher & Halal certified. The factories are staffed by skilled people (men and women) work force operating with hygienic method while treating dates in different processes.

Why consider Rawaayat?

Rawaayat, being the top Dates suppliers in Pakistan, puts extra effort in processing and packaging of dates. Pakistani dates are moved from farms to our factory for processing, pitting, dicing and packed as per order of customer. We ensure high quality and hygienic conditions at processing, storage and packing by applying strict SOPs in the process. We assure that our agricultural produce contains high energy value, natural nutrients and delicious taste. Aseel dates are moved from farms to our factory for processing and packed in boxes of different sizes. The packaged dates are sanitary, free from dust particles, and have an accreditation certificate. Phytosanitary certificate is gained after a thorough inspection of shipment carried out by the concerned authorities at the port.

Dates are the premium produce of Pakistan as they are free of every artificiality and produced under natural methods for the best organic products. Types of dates we deal in are Aseel, Dang (naturally ripped), Dried Aseel (Dried under Sun heat), Chohara (Cooked and dried under Sun). These dates are grown in the natural and organic methods. The dates grow in the intense heat of sun for producing the best quality product where the natural season matters a lot. These dates are then plucked, processed in different forms and processed accordingly for shipment.

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