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We are Rawaayat. We are Pakistan’s premium Mango, Dates and Dry Fruits produce suppliers. We are Pakistan’s top fresh mango exporters and suppliers. We offer you the best organic Pakistani mangoes mainly dealing in Sindhri, Chaunsa and Anwer Ratol. Rawaayat is at top of its game when it comes to Pakistani mango suppliers. These mangoes from Pakistan have excellent quality, are not excessively sweet and have an adequately thin peel. The mangoes are large with glazy yellow color and thick pulp. Rawaayat has been working for the last five decades in growing, processing, packing and supply of fresh mango. You can buy Pakistani mangoes online in USA, UK or in any part of the World. For boxes of 10-30 KGs see our shop products below. For a minimum order of 1000 KGs fill the quote request form below.

Maximum care is put into production of these mangoes which comes with long experience and special tradition of cultivating and supplying mangoes. We export Pakistani Mangoes to USA, UK, CANADA, SAUDI ARABIA, OMAN, KUWAIT, BAHRAIN, FRANCE, AUSTRALIA, MALAYSIA, DUBAI, HONG KONG, GERMANY, JAPAN, UAE and Europe.

Pakistani mango

Pakistan is amongst the largest producers of the world’s best mango which is liked all over the Globe for its aroma, color and taste. The main types of the Pakistani Mango Rawaayat deals in are Sindhri, Chaunsa, Anwer Ratol and Dosehri.

1) Sindhri Mango

Sindhri Mango of Pakistan is the finest kind of mangoes grown in Sindh, Pakistan. Sindhri Mango is oval shape, large sized yellow colored when ripe. The texture of Sindhri is firm and fibreless with pleasant aroma and delectably sweet taste. On top of everything, sweet flavor of Sindhri Mango sets it apart and unique from all other mango varieties in the world. Rawaayat takes pride in being one of the top fresh mango exporter and supplier.

2) Chaunsa Mango

Chaunsa Mango is another kind that has a fleshy yet firm texture and known for its juiciness. The quality of Chaunsa is unmatchable because of its fragrance, delicious taste and luscious soft pulp. We export and supply the best quality Chaunsa Mango around the globe.

3) Anwar Ratol MANGO

Anwar Ratol is very juicy with lusciously sweet taste enjoyed by people all over the world. It is famous for its sweet flavor, small size, juicy pulp and thin skin. We at Rawaayat own vast Anwar Ratol mango cultivation lands in the province of Sindh.

4) Langra

With high demand in North America and Europe, Langra Mango is a small sized of all mango verities in Pakistan. It is highly tasteful and fibreless mango with attractive aroma. Langra Mango is oval shaped and has a greenish look. It is the most consumed mango variety in Pakistan.

5) Banganpalli

Banganpalli Mango is one of the huge Mango varieties in Pakistan. It has an oval type shape, greenish yellow color when ripe with stuffy pulp. It has a delicious taste and aroma. Baganpalli is not widely cultivated in Pakistan.

Why Choose Rawaayat for Fresh Pakistani Mangoes?

Each of the above mangoes has their own unique taste and aroma. They are grown on the full of the nutritious soil of the country and get the required seasonal heat. You can get all these Pakistani mangoes online from us by placing order for small quantity boxes such as 10, 20, 25, 30 KGs. For large quantities fill the quote request form and we shall get in touch with you.

Later, the mangoes are treated as per the international standards and packed for the shipment through the air and by the sea in refrigerated containers. The heat treatment is done to avoid any type of pest and packed to avoid in-transit pest and bacteria attack.


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Further quality is maintained by picking the mangoes from Gap approved and registered orchards of Department of Plant Protection and getting them treated from the registered plants.

Mango, a climacteric, tropical fruit with heavenly taste and additional nutrients holds extreme significance, especially in the agriculture and trade sector of Pakistan. Irrefutably, Pakistani mangoes are famous for their distinctive and tremendously delightful flavor. Therefore, Pakistani mango has been crowned with the title of ‘King of all Fruits’, since mango is indeed, the flavorful of them all.

Why Pakistani Mango Is the KING of Asian Mango produce?

Mango is one the most prominent fruits commercially grown. Furthermore, Pakistan is the fourth leading producer of mangoes in the world. The total area under mango cultivation is 167.5 thousand hectares with the production of 1732 thousand tones of Pakistani mangoes, grown all over the districts of Punjab, Sindh and KPK. Punjab has the primary share in mango production; leading by 67% meanwhile Sindh and KPK contribute 24% and 1% to this production, respectively. These mangoes are treated per international standards packaged in temperature-controlled environment for consignment. To keep away from pests and bacteria, the mangoes undergo further processes.

The rapid growth of mango production in Pakistan in past few years is attributable to its expansion into new growing regions along with the implementation of modern field practices incorporating irrigation schemes, flowering management, etc. Demand of Pakistani mangoes in Canada, USA and UK has doubled over the past few years.

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Our Commitment and Export Quality Standards

Rawaayat commits to provide you with the opportunity to buy Pakistani mangoes online. Mangoes from Pakistan are known to be the finest in the world and Pakistan is believed to be a natural habitat for mangoes. An average mango from Pakistan is super beneficial along with being deliciously juicy and succulent. They are rich in fiber, low in calories and contain small amount of calcium, iron, potassium, proteins and vitamins. This luscious fruit has a wide range of varieties. Some of the popular Pakistani mango types eaten and well-liked by people all around the world include Langra, Sindhri, Anwar Ratol, Chaunsa, Sunera, Gulabkhas, etc.

Due to huge demand in the international market, mangoes are also one of the most exported items. Pakistan has so far exported 65,311 tons of mangoes. Exporters in Pakistan mainly supply Pakistani Mangoes in USA, UK, CANADA, SAUDI ARABIA, OMAN, KUWAIT, BAHRAIN, FRANCE, AUSTRALIA, MALAYSIA, DUBAI, HONG KONG, GERMANY, JAPAN, UAE and Europe.

Despite the decline in quantity of production of mangoes due to few inevitable problems and climatic changes, Pakistani mango suppliers are back in the game of leading fresh mango exporters and suppliers. Due to rigorous quality standards implemented by the government for UK mango exports, Germany mango exports and other EU countries, Pakistani fresh mango exporters and suppliers were able to earn hefty amount directing to a steady growth in mango exports. We are committed to supply and export fresh Pakistani mangoes globally.

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