pakistan is going to grow world’s top five varieties of dates under Rs 708 million project to enhance country’s exports, disse um oficial aqui sexta-feira. “It’s an initiative of the Punjab government, under the guidance of Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif and Secretary Agriculture Muhammad Mahmud, to grow top five varieties including Arabian variety ‘Ajwa’, said Muhammad Akhlaq, a researcher at the Horticultural Research Station (HRS), Bahawalpur.

The other kinds of dates include three Arabic varieties i.e Amber, Barhi, Khalas and a Californian date called Medjoul. The project titled ‘Diversification of High Value Cropping Through Promotion of Horticulturewas designed after expertiments at the HRS Bahawalpur showed 100 por cento de sobrevivência das plantas estrangeiros e sua frutífera. He disclosed that the tissue culture plants of these varieties would be developed in France, hardened in United Arab Emirates (UAE) and fromthere these will be imported into Pakistan.

Akhlaq said that these plants would be distributed among date farmers free of charge despite the fact that price of every premium plant was around Rs 20,000. The distribution of plants would be carried out through a process of draw and in return farmers would be required to provide the government at least 5-8 suckers or off-shoots per plant so that these top quality date varieties could be multiplied at home. It will help Pakistan develop a germplasm pool of premium quality dates.

Upon reaching Punjab, these plants would be nurtured inside tunnels for their acclimatization under a little bit controlled conditions at the HRS Bahawalpur before they are handed over to the date farmers. Inicialmente, fine quality water would be given to these plants, ele adicionou. The researcher also dilated upon the problem the datepalm trees face in Pakistan i.e the commencement of monsoon season at the ripening stage of dates that do not let the fruit dry up while hanging on trees due to rains and reduce chances of obtaining semi-dried dates of premium quality.

Ele explicou que haveria algum material de cobertura tratados com fungicida em torno da data cachos para que estes não se molhar devido às chuvas de monção e não desenvolvem fungos. Akhlaq said that farmers would get training at their respective districts through audio-visuals after every three months on datepalm care technology. Cada agricultores receberia 100 plantas para um acre. Akhlaq said that HRS Bahawalpur covers districts of South Punjab and others including Bhakkar, Layyah, Dera Ghazi Khan, Rajanpur, Muzaffargarh, Multan, Bahawalpur, Rahimyar Khan, and Jhang and datepalm trees of top five kinds would be planted in these areas. The plants would hopefully be available in Pakistan at the end of 2018, Akhlkaq disse acrescentando que seria uma oportunidade para os agricultores data para ganhar bonito e melhorar seu estilo de vida.

(APLICATIVO – UrduPoint / Paquistão Ponto Notícias – 16th junho, 2017 )